How to get started in MYM in 5 steps

Feel like making a living from your passion? We give you 5 tips to get started on MYM and start generating income and monetizing your content 🚀

Feel like living off your passion? We give you 5 tips to get started on MYM and start making money and monetize your content 🚀

1. Start sharing and monetize your content on MYM

To start, creating a MYM account is free and 100% secure. If you already have a community and significant engagement on other social networks, joining us is a real opportunity for you.

However, the power of MYM is that it is totally open to all Creators, whether you are already known or not. We are THE platform to help Creators easily generate revenue from their content and provide a unique experience to their subscribers.

How to make money with your content on MYM?
Go to to sign up in a few clicks

2. How to monetize your content?

First of all, MYM offers different ways of making your content paid. You can choose to make your account free or paid while customizing the amount of your subscription. With MYM, you can also give promo codes and make subscription packages.

Then, in addition to a monthly subscription, you can also create personalized content for your subscribers. A good way to diversify your revenues.

Our tip: be reasonable about the price of your subscription and make sure you offer quality content to keep your subscribers engaged. Yes, monetize your content, but always do it the right way!

Make it easy to monetize your content on MYM
Select your price. You can also make pack offers.

3. Promote your MYM account

There are many ways to promote your account. Many Creators choose to promote their MYM account on their different social media channels. We recommend which is a great tool! If you have a blog or a website, think to pin your account for more exposure.

In addition, there’s another way to promote your MYM account: collaboration with other creators! Be it in live, in story or in post, it’s a great way to catch potential future subscribers.

Use all your social media to promote your MYM account
Use the power of social media to promote your MYM content.

4. Plan your content

We know that getting started on MYM requires organization. But we’re there to help you 😉 Whether you decide to become a full time Creator or just want to start monetizing your content part time, it’s important to plan rituals and schedule your content. Being organized and consistent will not only make your life easier, but it will also help you build loyalty with your subscribers by always being responsive and present on the platform.

Here are some tips for creating content when you’re short on time:

First, make a plan and set aside time for MYM. Even if it’s an hour a day. Then, schedule your posts to avoid leaving your account inactive for too long. Trust us, this is the best way to monetize your content in the long run.

Fitness, food, travel, clairvoyance, coaching… All the best creators are on MYM!

5. Create personalized content and loyalty for your subscribers

Make sure you are active and engaged on it. Use all the tools available on your account. Pushes, stories and lives to engage and communicate with your followers. Take the time to respond and interact with them, to create a unique connection.

Create content your subscribers will love!
Your subscribers are waiting for you!

See you on MYM !