A new catalog for your pushes, the Media on Demand!

Media On Demand is a catalog that compiles all your pushes since your registration. Your subscribers will be able to buy your content directly from your profile!

👀 In this article, you will find:

  • What is Media on Demand? A catalog that gathers all your Pushes, in a new tab on your profile.
  • Who can buy Media on Demand? Your subscribers 😉 and they can do so independently.
  • Will a push be automatically added to the catalog? For a push to be added to your Media On Demand catalog, you just need to select the option when creating your push.
  • How often should I add a Media to my catalog? About 5 per week, but you can always do more!
  • Ideal volume of Media on Demand? The same volume as your number of posts.

A new feature: Media On Demand 👀

We are super excited to announce the launch of our feature Media On Demand (MOD). You know VoD? (Video On Demand) Well, MOD is kind of the same but for your content 👀

Media On Demand is the creation of a catalog on your profile, which groups together all the Pushes you have sent since your registration on MYM! This new feature allows your subscribers to purchase content directly on your profile in case they did not receive it when you sent your Pushes, convenient, isn’t it?

Basically, MOD is like a directory that compiles all of your Pushes, subscribers will be able to find them directly on your profile!

What is MoD and how does it work?

MOD is a brand new tab on your Creator profile.

It’s the catalog where your subscribers / interested parties / former subscribers can find all the pushes you have sent and added to your Media On Demand catalog.

You can enrich this catalog as you wish by modifying or adding content on your Media On Demand tab.

Add a MOD:

Modify/Remove a MOD:

Who can buy Media On Demand?

With Media on Demand, your interested parties, your former subscribers, and your subscribers will have access to a preview of your content. As usual, only your subscribers will be able to make a purchase.

What are our tips for selling as many Media On Demand as possible?

The ideal frequency to sell as many Media On Demand as possible is 5 media per week. The goal is to have a volume of Media On Demand equivalent to your volume of posts because users love to purchase additional content.

What are the benefits for our Creators and for our Users?

For creators:

  • Creators benefit from the creation of additional revenue streams that require less effort and recurrence than pay-per-view (PPV) content, as the already created content is self-service in the MOD tab.
  • Creation of a new showcase of content for prospects.
  • Boosting subscriber loyalty by allowing them to extend their content consumption on your account.

For users:

  • Users benefit from easier access to the content offered by the Creators.
  • Additional content beyond what is available through the subscription.
  • Access to the entire history of Creator Pushes to which they have just subscribed.