Discover the catalog of pushes from your favorite Creators, the Media on Demand.

Media on Demand is a new tab that will appear on the profile of your favorite creators. On it, you will be able to find all the pushes you have missed since the account was created!

In this article, you will find:

  • What is a Media on Demand (MoD)?
    • Media on Demand is a new tab on the profile of your favorite Creators where you can find even more content.
    • MoD is also a catalog that compiles all the content that has been created by your Creators since their registration on MYM (that’s a lot of content to discover 👀).
    • With this new feature, you can extend your experience on MYM by accessing even more photos and videos than what your subscriptions already offer!
  • How to purchase Media on Demand?
    • You just need to be subscribed to the Creator’s profile from whom you want to buy MoD.
  • What can you find in the Media on Demand catalog?
    • You can find all the grouped content sent by the Creators since the creation of their MYM account.
    • These contents are additional to those available on the profiles of the creators to whom you are subscribed. Thanks to MoD, you won’t miss a bit of your Creators’ universe.

What is MoD (Media on Demand)?

We are super excited to announce the launch of our feature Media On Demand (MOD). It’s a bit like Netflix, but for the creations of your favorite Creators on MYM. With MoD, you have access to a great catalog directly on their profile. You’ll find all the media they’ve posted since the beginning. It’s super convenient, especially if you’ve missed exclusives because you weren’t subscribed yet!

To summarize, MoD will allow you to find exclusive content that interests you directly on the profile of your favorite Creators.

How does it work?

MOD is a brand new tab that you will find on Creator profiles.

It’s the catalog where you will find all the media shared by your Creator.

To access this new feature, you must be subscribed to the Creator from whom you want to buy a Media on Demand.

What are the advantages for you of consulting the Media on Demand?

  • You will benefit from easier access to the content offered by Creators.
  • These are additional contents beyond those available through your subscription.
  • You will be able to access the entire media history of the Creators you wish to subscribe to.