Ultimate Guide To PPV on MYM

On MYM, you earn income from your paid subscription that gives access to all your posts. But you can also generate revenue by selling other content. We explain how to maximize your income with our ultimate guide to PPV on MYM !

Here is the ultimate guide to PPV on MYM !

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1. Why offer Pay Per View content on MYM?

3x more revenue on average 💸

On MYM, Creators who offer Pay Per View content generate 3x more revenue on average than Creators who only use subscriptions.

2x more regular subscribers 🤗

Subscribers are eager for new content and see PPV content as enriching the offerings of the Creators they subscribe to.

In addition, Creators who offer Pay Per View content, on average, have a 2x higher subscription renewal ratethan Creators who do not.

We explain how each PPV works and how to use them well to become a real pro! 

2. Media Push on MYM

On MYM, a push message allows you to push paid content to your subscribers, interested parties and/or former subscribers via private message. With each new media push, they will receive a message in their inbox and an email notification. 

To unlock this content

  • If the user is one of your paying subscribers: they will simply have to pay the amount you set.
  • If the user is one of your interested or former subscribers: he will first have to subscribe to your account (this assures you a new subscriber) and then, he will only have to pay the amount you will have defined for the content.

Thanks to this, you can reach a maximum number of people in a few clicks. A great way for you to diversify your income and offer even more exclusive content. On average, creators double their monthly revenue with Pay Per View.

You can offer Pay Per View content on MYM
Set up a Media Push from your profile

Our tips for getting the most out of Push Medias

  • Price I The average price of paid Push Media sold on MYM is €25
  • Frequency I Sends media pushes weekly 
  • Content I Don’t forget to add variety to your content to get your subscribers excited about buying it every time 
  • Description I Always remember to include a description with your paid push that will make people want to discover and buy it.

💡 You can also use this feature to send free content!  A promo code, a teaser, an exclusive message to your interested parties… In short, a multitude of possibilities are available to you to build loyalty with your community and then convert them to additional content.

Our advice: promo codes perform very well in free push. Don’t hesitate to propose them to your former and interested subscribers to attract them. You can also propose them to your current subscribers to keep them. 

3. Private Push on MYM

On MYM, you can also, via the Chat, propose personalized content to one of your subscribers or receive content requests directly from a subscriber. In both cases, the person who receives the proposal has the choice to accept or refuse it.

If a subscriber makes a request, it’ s up to you to set the price you want. Your subscriber will only have to accept your proposition. If he accepts, you will have to send the content as soon as possible (72 hours maximum) via the chat. 

You can also propose a private push to your subscriber. Go to your Creator account conversation and choose “Propose a private push”. A way for you to offer more and more personalized content.

Offer Pay Per View content on MYM
Offer a personalized workout with the Private Push

Our tips for getting the most out of private Medias

  • Price I For a Private Push on MYM, the average price is 45€
  • Frequency I Be regular and send Private Pushes regularly to your most engaged subscribers
  • Content I Always remember to vary the content and offer content that your fans like
  • Description I Always plan to include a message with your proposal that makes it clear to your subscriber that this is content just for them

In addition, this feature allows you to increase your revenue on MYM and give your subscribers a unique experience. With Private Push, you build an engaged and loyal community. Receive content created especially for them and live unforgettable moments with you, that’s what every subscriber wants! 

4. Lives on MYM

Yes, your subscribers will love to interact with you on live. Live streams are an excellent way to generate extra revenue and connect with your community. By setting your own price for access, you can easily secure an additional source of income. 

Our tips for maximizing the use of lives? 

  • Price I The average price of paid lives on MYM is €30
  • Frequency I Don’t be afraid to offer lives regularly
  • Content I Varies the topics to make your subscribers want to pick up a ticket for each live 

In addition, we remind you that you can only post content on MYM that you have the rights to distribute. Sending media that you don’t have the rights to will be punished. Now you have all the keys to boosting your income on MYM, keeping your subscribers and turning into a PPV pro on MYM.

Let’s go, it’s your turn now! 🔥

See you on MYM