Give your MYM videos the level up they deserve !

Hey you ! Do you want to get started in video or offer more high quality content to your community? Here are our top tips to give your MYM videos the level up they deserve ! 🔥 1. Think storytelling That’ s the basis ! Your videos should not only have a beginning, a middle... Read more »

Hey you !

Do you want to get started in video or offer more high quality content to your community? Here are our top tips to give your MYM videos the level up they deserve ! 🔥

1. Think storytelling

That’ s the basis ! Your videos should not only have a beginning, a middle and an end. Your community must be engaged from the beginning to continue with you.

No script doesn’t mean no preparation. Plan your video in advance and practice your opening lines. Training makes you feel confident. The more confident you are, the better you’ll look on camera.

2. Pick the right material

Before you even start filming, make sure you have your equipment properly set up for quality image and audio. Here are some quick tips for your camera (DSLR, phone or other) and microphone (if you have one):

Resolution: 4K or 3840×2160 (preferred); HD or 1920×1080 (minimum)

Capture: 16:9, i.e. landscape. Portrait is ideal for social content, but not suitable for professional quality videos.

Frames per second: 30FPS (preferred); 26.967, 24, 25 (low); 60+ (high)

Audio: 96 kHz, 24-bit sampling rate (preferred); 48 kHz, 24-bit sampling rate (minimum).

Ready? 🔥 Now it’s time to make sure your production is done too!

3. The light

It is possible to make quality videos without extra lighting. Outdoor shoots, for example, are great when they are lit only by daylight. But when you’re shooting indoors, your best bet is to get some lighting equipment. You don’t need to have a three-point lighting setup, we recommend investing in a ring light for your SLR or phone. The brightness is sufficient and you can adjust it to fit your needs.

Lighting checklist ✔️ You are visible and well lit.

✔️ The lighting looks natural not artificial.

✔️ Lighting is coherent on all planes and configurations.

✔️ No light is directed straight to the camera lens.

Invest in a light ring to take your MYM videos to the next level!
Light Ring Model

4. The shooting

Don’t worry, you don’t need a degree in cinematography to shoot professionally! Here are some basic tips to make sure you get great looking and clean footage.

Focus: always check the focus on yourself and/or your participants before recording

Depth: professional shots give a strong impression of depth. Camera placement, lighting and focus help create it. Choose your setting carefully!

B-Roll: The B-Roll is additional footage that you add later to illustrate a topic in your video. For example, if you’re a chef and you’re presenting a recipe with fresh local produce, add footage of your grocery shopping to give your video more credibility.

Moving camera: your camera should only be noticed to move when it is supposed to. To keep it simple: use a tripod. Shaky images are too amateur-like. If you want to shoot something that requires a moving camera, invest in a stabilizer for better results.

✔️ Shots are crisp and clear.

✔️ Each shot creates a sense of depth.

✔️ Segments have good coverage, multiple angles and proper B-roll.

✔️ Camera only moves when it is supposed to.

Let’s continue with the rest of our top tips for taking your MYM videos to the next level 🔥

To take your videos to the next level, a tripod is a must!

5. The audio

Bad sound can ruin a good video. If you want to create quality content, the microphone on your camera or phone is no longer enough. It’s time to get a real one!

Background noise: Make your recording environment as quiet and controlled as possible. Obviously, if you’re filming in the rainforest, you’re going to want to hear birds. Your voice should always take precedence over the background noise.

Lavalier microphone: If you decide to shoot with other people, you should have a microphone for everyone. This will give you maximum control in post-production so that everybody sounds natural and comfortable.

Note: If you are filming outdoors in windy conditions, get a windscreen!

Voiceovers: Voiceovers are the “B-roll” of audio. They help explain what you’re doing if you can’t talk during the shoot or if your recording environment is too noisy. Record voice-overs with an external mic and in a quiet environment.

Audio checklist ✔️ The recording environment is controlled and quiet.

✔️ Each person speaking is equipped with a lapel microphone.

✔️ Audio levels are recorded around -12dB

✔️ Voiceovers are recorded to help the viewers follow along.

Remember to invest in good audio equipment!

To take your MYM videos to the next level, it goes through editing too! We’ve got some tips to end off this article 😉

6. Editting

Now that your shoot is over, it’s time to start editing it. Editing is very much a subjective process but here are some basics:

  • Always keep a copy of your raw footage
  • Remove dead space and keep your video at a fast pace
  • Check that all your plans are consistent
  • Add music (be sure to use royalty-free music)
  • Think to put subtitles so that everyone can read your videos
  • Need to take another shot? It’ s now or never!

7. Upload to your MYM account

Now that your videos are 🔥 , it’s time to post them to your MYM account. Nothing could be easier! Click on “post” then upload your content! You’ll see, your subscribers will appreciate having better quality content!

See you on MYM !